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Integrity Biomedical Services Feature: Spacelabs Qube

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Integrity Biomedical Services Feature:  Spacelabs Qube
Integrity Biomedical Services Feature: Spacelabs Qube

Spacelabs Qube Breaking with Tradition

91390 QUBE

This day and age, we all demand convenience and portability without sacrificing technology.  We have our cell phones at our fingertips so to speak.  We use laptops and iPads instead of the bulky desktop and some of us even eat meals entirely in liquid form to avoid cooking!  Well our high tech mobile standards don’t stop at the hospital door.   Introducing…. The Qube!  Per Nicholas Ong, President of Spacelabs Healthcare (cited in Business Wire), “Through the optimal blend of art and technology, qube is designed to create a patient-friendly experience while providing the caregiver with full functionality, accessibility and portability in a compact package.”  Business Wire goes on to point out:  “Small and lightweight – with a battery life that goes the distance – qube offers portability, accessibility and heightened connectivity – perfect for emergency, general/step-down, and post-anesthesia care units. qube is mountable anywhere – wall, bedrail, anesthesia system – and can be detached via a quick-release feature, for immediate mobility. Caregivers can access current, critical patient information, from bedside throughout transport, to provide the ultimate level of patient care.”  Integrity Biomedical offers this unique product along with many others in our comprehensive product line.  Please feel free to message or call us anytime for more information!



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