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Blacklight Products

We offer several models of Spacelabs blacklights. Please contact us if you have any questions about our blacklight products.


Spacelabs Blacklight

050-0156-00 Spacelabs LCD Backlight (Sharp) (white rail) for 90367/90369

019-0404-00 Spacelabs LCD Backlight Twin (Sharp) (2 Pigtail 1/2 connectors) for 90367/90369

010-1603-00 Spacelabs Backlight Inverter PCBA for 91369 (Caution – be sure to reinstall the insulator when replacing the backlight inverter, or the inverter will arc to the metal frame!)

050-0353-00 Spacelabs LCD Backlight (NEC) for 90369

050-0479-00 Spacelabs LCD Backlight Kit