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Spacelabs Central Patient Monitors

Central Patient Monitors

We offer several models of Spacelabs patient monitoring monitors. Please contact us if you have any questions about our monitoring products.

Spacelabs 90305, Spacelabs 90315, Spacelabs 90316, Spacelabs PC2Spacelabs 90305, Spacelabs 90315, Spacelabs 90316, Spacelabs PC2

Spacelabs 90303, Spacelabs 90311, Spacelabs 90312, Spacelabs PC1Spacelabs 90303, Spacelabs 90311, Spacelabs 90312, Spacelabs PC1

Spacelabs 90385, Spacelabs 90363, Spacelabs UCWSpacelabs 90385, Spacelabs 90363, Spacelabs UCW

The UCW 90385 and 90363 models are available for purchase or exchange. When sending in your UCW for a defective exchange, please keep your CPU board while sending in the IO board and monitor. The refurbished UCW will come with a configured IO board , to which you will attach your original CPU.

SPACELABS 90387 patient monitor

Spacelabs 90387

The Spacelabs 90387 Ultraview 1700 monitor combines the module-mounting capability of the 90491 module housing, with the processing and display capabilities of the 90385 UCW. The right side of the chassis is used to house the CPU and I/O PCBAs, while the left side provides two slots for module plug-in. The Ultraview 1700 is capable of driving an external speaker (either amplified or unamplified) or may stand alone, using the internal speaker. The result is a product that provides the same Ultraview Care Network™ capabilities as the UCW, but adds plug-in support for two modules in a single, compact unit, with a separate display. The Ultraview 1700 is primarily intended to function as a compact, two-module bedside or central monitor.

SPACELABS 91387 Patient Monitor Module

Spacelabs 91387

The Spacelabs 91387-27 and Spacelabs 91387-28 bedside monitors and the 91387-38 central monitor combine Spacelabs Medical module capability with added expandability. The monitors support all Spacelabs Medical parameter modules. The left side provides plug-in support for either two single-high or one double-high module. If additional parameters are required, additional modules can be added through use of the 90491 or 90499 module housing. The total number of parameters supported is three times the number of waveforms purchased, up to a maximum of 26 parameters.

Perioperative Vital Signs Calculations Drug Dose Calculations Data Shuttle® (for use with selected modules only) Patient Data Logger (PDL) Dynamic Network Access (DNA). Provides the ability to view and control a remote application over the Ethernet network. Connect licenses and applications are required and must be purchased separately. Not available for the 91387-27 monitor. Full View. Supports simultaneous display of 12 ECG leads. Full Bed Review. Allows remote viewing of bedside displays (up to seven waveforms) 04 Four waveforms 06 Six waveforms 08 Eight waveforms 12 Twelve waveforms (central monitor only) 16 Sixteen waveforms (central monitor only)


Spacelabs 91393 Xprezzon 

Spacelabs XPREZZON provides easy access to patient data, creating an expansive “information gateway” at the point of care for the clinician. the optional dual-display configuration, with Spacelabs dynamic network Access™ (dnA) allows a dedicated full screen view of physiologic information plus a secondary screen for charting and other clinical applications – eliminating the need for an additional computer at the bedside.