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Spacelabs Flat Panels

Flat Panels with Touchscreen Products

We offer two models of Spacelabs flat panels that are touchscreen monitors with warranty, which is detailed in the product description. Please contact us f you have any questions about our flat panel products.

15 Inch ELO Flat Panels

Spacelabs ELO 15″ Flat Panel

This is the 15” touchscreen monitor from Spacelabs. We offer a one year warranty with purchase of this monitor. Full service repairs are available for this unit.

19 Inch ELO Flat Panels

Spacelabs ELO 19″ Flat Panel

This is our cost-effective touch monitor from ELO touch systems. We offer a three-year warranty with the purchase of this flat panel. Full service repairs available on this unit as well.


  • A sealed touchscreen display
  • Digital on screen display
  • Dual serial/ USB interface
  • Lockout function for public use